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  1. All previous and all future recipes from the Culinary with a specific product description, you can currently access around 300 recipes across the culinary arts.
  2. As a member, you have access to all previous and upcoming online cooking courses on every culinary topic, including direct recipe access, in film, image and text.
  3. A constantly expanding dictionary with international terms and explanations of culinary art from A to Z.
  4. A constantly expanding encyclopedia across the culinary world.
  5. The Academy's FOOD-PEDIA knowledge database, with ever-growing content on gourmet products and the associated tools.
  6. Historical and spectacular background stories as well as recipes and menus from all historical eras, including only on the subject of culinary art.
  7. Everything about the delicious world of fish and seafood, from cutting to preparation.
  8. Meat and its proper handling.
  9. International culinary achievements from explorers to molecular chefs.
  10. Attention wine lovers, the developing wine library with new developments, traditions and practical and tasty information on the subject of wine is in the starting blocks.
In addition, two book blogs are in preparation!

Participate and follow the development of two books in progress regularly, with short blog posts.
From the author couple Annett and Martin Busse.

  • Book 1: THE TIME PAN - A novel for tension-loving friends of good taste.
  • Book 2: TO GUEST - short stories and anecdotes, a restaurateur family in the Algarve.

€119 instead of €190